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Ancient and Traditional Melodies - Exotic Instruments - Beautiful Songs

"Bourdon" is the French word for "Bumblebee". The word can also refer to drones on musical instruments like hurdy gurdies or bagpipes. 

Bourdons present music with voice and a variety of traditional acoustic instruments, several of which utilize drones as a harmonic effect. 

Our music hearkens back to earlier times, and includes Medieval and Renaissance tunes, traditional melodies from European cultures, and contemporary tunes composed in the spirit of that earlier music.

Our music is performed on:
  • Voice 
  • Hurdy Gurdy
  • Gothic Harp
  • German Schaferpfeifen ("shepherd" bagpipes)
  • German Hummelchen ("bumblebee" small pipes)
  • Recorders
  • Shawm
  • Tabours